My 1:1 obsession has found an online home here, for now.

I started out with an Android phone and loved Vignette, the most versatile photo app I've ever used until the invention of Afterlight. In 2011 I joyfully switched to an iPhone 4S and am a huge fan of Afterlight, VSCOCam, Camerabag2, the BananacameraCo apps, and Instant (Polaroid). I usually share photos using Instagram.

My old 365 project is archived here, and in 2013 I started a "fauxlaroid" project. On twitter I'm cjazzlee.

Visiting an art collector #persianrug #quebec #igerscanada  (Taken with Instagram)

Visiting an art collector #persianrug #quebec #igerscanada (Taken with Instagram)

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Sep 29, 2012
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